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David Santo



  • Bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 worlds

  • Web3 growth marketing and startup strategies

  • Storytelling systems

  • Building brands through community engagement


I’m a 47-time award-winning screenwriter, producer, and director. I’ve been interviewed in FOX, NBC, CBS online. I have 4 produced movies.


I’m also a producer (or part-owner) in 5 different web3 production companies. And I sold out my own NFT collection.

A brand is pointless if you can’t get attention. So how do you make your project stand out?


It is essential to create a compelling narrative that brings people together. Your community are your customers, creators, and marketing team for building.

This is a sample plan for what expanding a business and re-engaging your community could look like.

How to give a project update


1. This was the situation.

2. Here’s the problem.

3. Here’s why it was hard to solve.

4. Here’s our solution.

5. Here’s how it makes life easier.

6. Here are the results.

7. Here’s how you can get it.

The art

The success of your NFT project has little (or nothing) to do with the look, and everything to do with the story behind it.

Anyone who tells you it’s the look that matters most is not familiar with building IP.

Need proof?

This is an early picture of Mickey Mouse.

Web3 companies come in all shapes and sizes with different goals. The ethos, or vibe, is hugely important.

I’m going to share a bullet-point outline for a roadmap. It’s designed to rescue a struggling content creation and distribution platform.

This is for demonstration purposes only. Please contact me for current information.


This website does not contain legal advice.

For this example please assume the role of a struggling NFT founder in the Web3 media landscape.

You have issued a founder’s pass. We’ll call it the “Dave” pass.

You have also issued a second NFT we’ll call “X” that represents your current project. It’s struggling.

You are super ambitious, and you love good vibes.

Roadmap proposal

What is your brand?

To be the leading entertainment brand that celebrates “good vibes.”

How are you going to do this?

Through community centered storytelling, ownership, and tokenized innovation.

What are you making?

A global media brand that will entertain multi-generations.

What are your core values?

Inclusivity. Accessible. Creativity.

What is the top priority right now?

Engage holders. Increase positive sentiment. On-board new users.

What is the NFT ecosystem you’re going to use?

A three-tiered system for content access and games.

1. “Dave Pass.”

2. “Good Vibes” pass (the old X NFT’s converted 1:1 and updated).

3. “Jam Pass” (better than a POAP but not as good as the Dave Pass). This NFT is specifically designed to on-board new members.

How will you increase community engagement?

By issuing a “Dave Coin.” This coin is a reward derived from your “Vibes Score.”

A “Vibes Score” is calculated based on a member’s activity with your project on social media. Recent engagements are heavily weighted.

There will also be a seasonality index that allows new participants to feel like they can keep up. The exact tokenomics of a “Dave Coin” is yet to be determined.

How can someone increase their “Vibes Score” to earn more rewards?

You soft stake your Good Vibes NFT and follow the lead character as they go on “expeditions.” By properly answering questions and solving riddles you earn the rewards.

You can unstake your NFT every 2 weeks. Anyone can participate in the game, but you must own the Good Vibes NFT to earn rewards.

Why would someone want a Good Vibes NFT?

Several reasons.

It’s the best way to succeed in the game. The Good Vibes NFT allows you to jump through portals into different dimensions where your earnings go up with each successful expedition.

The Good Vibes pass will also be your mint pass to the next character release.

* The next character NFT will be free to all Good Vibes NFT holders.

The Good Vibes pass also makes you a member in the treasury (and more value coming up).


Holding a Good Vibes pass entitles you to be a voting member in the “Good Vibes Fund.”

This fund has a charter to buy and sell ETF coins of blue chip NFT projects. These coins hold fractional ownership in groups like Azuki or Bored Ape.

This will add a “blue chip” feel to the project. Any treasury activity: buying, selling, would be voted on by Good Vibes pass holders only.

The charter of the treasury is to reinvest any monies into more coins, or an upcoming Good Vibes media project.

NFT ETF – hiAZUKI Gets Listed on KuCoin! World Premiere!| KuCoin

ApeCoin Up 6% as Holders Stake $32M in Ethereum Bored Ape Token – Decrypt

Are there any additional value for Good Vibes pass holders?


The Good Vibes pass will usher in a new era by granting you —

1. Free access into a video game.

2. Perks from the TV show your project makes like merch or shoutouts or even participation.

3. Special insider access into the project’s “VIP Section” where you can watch BTS video footage of inner circle zoom meetings making you a true insider.

4. Elite video game play with potential earnings where you represent the Good Vibes community in a competition.

You will need a dev to build a Good Vibes bridge system. A current X NFT holder will have a redemption period and a drop-dead date to convert their NFT’s.

Are we forming partnerships and collabs?

This is essential for growth. But they must meet brand values and align with your vision. Partnerships with fashion, toys, gaming, sports will be a reoccurring theme throughout this plan.

What are we creating first?

A 4-quadrant animated TV series based on a popular NFT we either own or license.

Who is the lead character?



Seed money comes from the inner circle by gifting it. It doesn’t matter how small it is. You can only attract what you already have.

What’s your first executive task?

Select a single NFT to star in the project. Visual / cinematic storytelling works best with one lead character for the audience to follow.

You can also license or buy a popular NFT (Bored Ape or Moonbird, etc). This could help to rebrand the project by associating it with a leading brand.

How can you improve social engagement?

The most successful projects have founders who are wildly active on Twitter. You should do the same.

But if you do not want to work in public —

Hire Lava Lisa (or someone like her) to host a weekly Twitter space where everything about the project is discussed. You are only as good as the message you send. And it must be loud.


What about “Good Vibes” products?

In development.


Safety first. Branded content with the wallet security of Ledger including a soulbound NFT reward.


Ledger – Home of the first and only certified Hardware wallets | Ledger


Hologram can make a 3D avatar of your NFT. And they can host select Good Vibes members on their site to create their own content.


Home | Hologram Labs


A 2-page digital comic starring your signature NFT with the help of “Macroverse.” Release this digital comic on their platform.



CASTING YOUR NFTs: Star in a Comic NFT Anthology by Macroverse! (google.com)


Create a spiffy explainer video with the digital comic that includes the BTS of the entire project. It is NFT token gated on the “Entertainmint” platform. The Good Vibes pass holders would have free access to this mint (this video is secretly the start of a reality show for pass holders only).




Create a short proof-of-concept pilot with Metatope. This is a digital skin your avatar wears that allows you to travel anywhere in the metaverse. Include Good Vibes pass holders as extras if it’s technically possible.


Official MetaTope | Motion Capture, MetaVerse VR, AR, Gaming | NFT Evolution

Or shoot a live action concept pilot then animate it with state-of-the-art technology.



Video games


Partner with a company that’s pre-launch to include your updated NFT into their platform.




Play-to-earn video games are saturated. And there’s a spreading backlash against the addictive game designs that extend playtime for no other reason than corporate profits. In other words —

Play-to-earn is a job now.

But the “play-to-win” landscape is expanding. This concept is more like the old-fashioned days when you would put a quarter into a machine and play for fun. And the better your skill was the longer the game lasted.

The company poised for growth in this area is —



The dev work they’re doing is far beyond the reach of most projects. You would buy (or license) their “Battle Plan” game NFT’s and place them into the treasury.

Then you would hold a community gaming competition. The winners would “borrow” the gaming NFT’s and play on behalf of the Good Vibes treasury.

After the cost of staking a player was recovered any profits earned would be split between the player and the treasury at an agreed upon rate.

* Only Good Vibes pass holders are qualified to participate!


Fortnite appears to be setting up a metaverse where anyone can build their own game. Using unreal engine, you could build a Good Vibes video game for pennies.

And leveraging their large audience (80 million monthly users) is another way to brand yourself with a market leader.



“Really Good Vibes” TV show pitch

Apply for funding and distribution to create the pilot on Vabble Dao using the materials we have created.




Make the pilot.

Release merch. Release show.


This same approach will work with a movie.

Rinse. Repeat.

What are you making?

An original live action Christmas movie. Think web 2.5.


Same as above. Create a pool of money from the inner circle first. 


Make an original Hallmark style Christmas movie designed to be the first “hit” that bridges the gap between web2 and web3. It has mass appeal and can receive funding and distribution in both worlds.


Convert current X NFT holders into movie NFT holders.

Social engagement

Weekly Twitter space hosted by @TheRealLavaLisa


Create proof of concept poster and movie trailer.


Apply for funding and distribution via VabbleDao.




Make the movie and distribute it.


This web 2.5 approach allows you to raise funds from anywhere. An indiegogo campaign makes as much sense as an NFT drop. You can bring along current holders by converting their old NFT’s into movie NFT’s.

You can also use the best of web3 tech including a digital comic, NFT’s, partnerships and merchandising.

There’s a huge audience for Christmas movies when compared to NFT’s. And it’s much cheaper than animation pending new tech like the above-mentioned Wonder Dynamics.

Pending an actual star in this movie, you would market this as the first crossover hit that bridges two worlds – web2 and web3 – finally united. This makes your project the can’t-miss historical event of a lifetime.

When creative ideas arrive forming conclusions about their value or fate gets in the way. The work reveals itself as you go.

Good habits create good art. So set up a schedule.

The work will morph into something else not resembling the original idea, but it’s usually something better.

Once you have a central idea in place the process shifts. You are no longer free to discover. You have a specific direction.



And perfection is not a thing.

Now it’s time for that next idea to start percolating. The excitement for a new project can add energy to completing the current one.

And the next project is your higher calling.